Trio Of Lavender Bantam Polish


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Mar 5, 2010
C:\\Users\\DAWN\\Pictures\\LAVE PROJECT 3.jpg These Polish Are Four To Five Months Old. Good Type Nice Crest. I Would Like To See Less Lavender In The Crest But Other Then That I Am Very Happy With Them. Feel Free To Email Me For Pics.thans For Looking.
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I have pix of these birds and have a box of them coming in a bit. they are AWESOME!!!!! I have 10 Seramas both silkied and smooth and a MBG From this breeder and they are great! Will be ordering more as I get pens built!
Yes, I would like to see pics too! Kind of hard to decide to spend that kind of money of birds you can't see. Especially since you are new to BYC and haven't established your flock's reputation yet....
I think the idea of a Lavender Polish is fabulous, and I would really love to see it!!!

There are some breeders on here that I would by from sight unseen, because I have purchased from them in the past and/or I have seen what type of birds they consistantly offer for sale; but htey are the exception, not the rule.
i bought smooth and silky feathered seramas from him and they are beautiful and hes very nice to work with...
If you have not gotten Pix from Trag 321 yet ( He is very busy) Feel free to email me at [email protected] amd I will foreward the ones I have. The pix I have were sent to show color and contain a white polish and a blue polish with the lavenders for contrast.
what i would like to know is , how come we are only hearing from you ? that makes me suspicious about this whole situation you know , i would like to speak with the seller , no offense ment toward you waterbabies but they are not your birds , and i believe you have already misrepresented them by saying that breeding these would not throw any other colors and by all means lavendar is just like blue , it will throw more colors than just the one present ..... sorry if i have offended you with this but the seller should be answering out posts , private messages, and / or emails , im glad to see that others have delt with the seller in the past and have been happy with the results , that is a plus ,... and i did recieve some pics but i believe they were from you and not the seller, and another question is if you have those pics from the seller , why didnt he/she post them in the pic section of this add ?
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Sorry You Dislike Poeple Helping People I Do Not Know How To Load The Pics I Sent Them To Your Email This Is Ment For Donnie. What Was Said Or What Was Ment To Be Said Is There Is No Other Breeds Crossed Into These Polish To Get The Color. So There Is A Slight Missunderstanding. Im Not Real Good On The Computer . And Do Not Have Time To Be Doing This Much Typing. Feel Free To Call Me If You Want To Talk About These Birds.814-280-5848.ask For Chris There Is No Bulls@@@!! Here Just Trying To Get Some Help With This Lavender Project I Am Working On.

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