Trio of OEGB cockerels - Barred and Crele

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    I have 3 Old English Game Bantam roosters - one 9 months old (Barred); two 4 months old (Crele) - left who need flocks of their own. They are not for food (or anything else that would end their lives as chickens) so please do not reply if this is your intent. They have been raised as pets - they all have names. I have hand raised all three of them and spend lots of quality time with all them daily. They love to be held and have the wonderful habit of riding around on your shoulders or head! We live in town and these little guys love to crow, so instead of having to keep them in pens in the garage a lot, I want them to have homes where they can crow their little hearts out!

    If you are interested in adopting these little guys, please PM me soon - do not hit the Buy button. They will be going to a chicken swap down in Southern Oregon next weekend. Sorry, I will not ship them. Local pickup or delivery only.

    Lennox - he loves to pose!



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