Trio Split Coronation Sussex Juveniles Npip

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Pic is of the Coronation Roo. The hen is a Pure Light Sussex. Both are 100% Greenfire bought directly from the farm. These chicks visually look light sussex but are carrying the Lavender gene. When bred together you will get Coronation and light sussex and splits.
    Shipping includes box.
    These chicks are approximately 8 weeks old.
    Shipping is Express Mail only and the price includes the box. Not responsible for Postal Mishaps. Express is NOT guaranteed even though it says it is. Their rules on lives is they are allowed 3 days to deliver the birds. Even then if the box is not damaged and their is a problem with your birds they do not refund anything. Most times if you are close enough to a major airport you can arrange pick up at their closest hub through your Post Master.
    Chicks were wormed 3 weeks ago and will be wormed again before they ship. These will ship out 1 to 2 weeks from auction ending.
    Payment is Paypal only and due 24 hours of auction ending. Paypal account is [email protected] Please leave all shipping instructions and phone number when paying. Please do not forget to mark Goods when paying.

    I will take pics of the actual chicks asap.
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  2. crfarm

    crfarm Out of my mind, back in 5 minutes or so

    Nov 29, 2009
    Her are pics of this trio


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