Trio Tufted/Rumpless White Araucana SOLD

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Jan 11, 2007
I have a trio of white araucana available that are a bit under size for my preference for large fowl. I am focusing on my larger birds which is why we're selling this group. Asking $50 for the trio and prefer pick up only in Slatington PA 18080.

Trio includes:
Sparks - tufted tailed white rooster (hatched from blue egg)
Tufted rumpless white pullet (lays blue egg)
Clean faced rumpless white pullet (lays greenish egg)

Here is Sparks with his tufts growing in as a cockerel. The girls have picked them out, but he will still produce tufted chicks. He is proven fertile and was hatched here 3/21/07. He is a friendly boy and very timid with people.


The tufted rumpless pullet was hatched on 5/26/08 and is a new young layer. Her tufts are nice and even.

The clean faced rumpless pullet was hatched on 6/2/08 and is a young layer as well.

In my experience Araucana roos do not do well confined with other roosters. Sparks has never been penned with another roo, so I would not recommend him going to a home that cannot provide his own breeding pen. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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