Trip to feed store leads to political arguement!

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I went to the feed store the other day and got into a political discussion with the cashier. Which was pleasant and we were just talking about the issues. A man walked in I said to the cashier I better let you get back to work. And as I was leaving I said remember to vote for my candidate. (not naming names here because I don't want to argue politics here.) The man that walked in said to me You are out of your mind! I said Excuse me, He repeated you are out of your mind! Very nasty I might add. I then started to defend my choice and he argued the point. Then I brought up ( I will name names here) the past president to lay the blame on and as soon as I said the name Bush the man that had just told me I was out of my mind, stuck his fingers in his ears like a child! A grown man! I laughed all the way to voting booth and voted early!
Quote: That tells me who you're voting for, even if you don't "name names"
I agree people act foolish.Was watching 10 million and counting 2009.Wish there was a newer one. Things have only gotten worse

I was telling my son how he must never again PRESSURE another to vote HIS way.He did it at school one day when they were voting on something.

How we all have a right to vote our own way based on what we feel is right.Hopefully he won't grow up pressuring others ever again. I hate going to vote and having people outside telling me to vote their way.Ugh.I hear people get phone calls by the hour to *discuss* voting issues. I think we can all decide without the calls and suggestions.

This is one of the few freedoms we actually have. I beleive to each his own and no one has the right to try and pressure me either way. Why won't others be as considerate. ! I am glad you vote. Others squabble and never do. Good for you. Very immature person you were talking with no matter his party affiliation. Gloria Jean
I have met both, but it is wonderful when you find someone who you can talk to civilly.

I have a new neighbor from Texas. A retired lawyer. He is extreme one way, while I tend to be own the middle on a lot of issues.

Within five minutes he made some racist comments involving voting, and called me a socialist He asked if I was offend I said " No but you're scaring me" and he stopped and looked me in the eye and I said " I am mixed raced, non christian and bi, do you hate me?" and he asked " did you vote for (the person he is against") and I started laughing.

It was odd. Despite his strong words, we did not get into a shouting match, neither was angry.

We ended up in a long discussion, as we walked back to his property gate and he said " So, you hate me now?" and I said " I don't hate anyone, and I am still willing to be a good neighbor, help when I can, you believe what you believe just don't burn anything down in my yard" and he laughed and said "I wouldn't do that to anyone, even if they are a socialist"

I stopped at the gate and said " look, not everything is black and white" he got real quiet then responded " maybe I look at things in too much black and white" and I shrugged and said " We all have our ridgedness, but I don't trust any politician. Anyone who has that kind of power over me, I don't trust" He smiled a little and said " we have more in common than we thought" and as I left he called out " I'll make you a (His party affiliation) yet!" I responded " I doubt that!" and the last thing I heard him say as " come back anytime for another debate!"

It was one of the oddest political discussions I have ever had. He made some inflammatory statements, but he was strangely civil about it, he was likable, and I do not fear the old guy.

Do I agree with him? Not under any circumstances, but I think he speaks from a point of anger and frustration, and has clung to some random political pundit's statements ( no names needed)

Have I ever gotten angry in a political dissuasion? Yes. Have I ever shouted in one? No, but I have gotten vicious with my words (no cursing mind you, and the last time I name called was in high school). I am not proud of it, but we all have our hot button issues.
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I am not sure why anyone would tell people to vote for their candidate, it was rude to tell some one you met in a feed store to tell who to vote for, maybe he was putting his fingers in his ears in a humorous attempt to get you to understand that.

Your opinion is based on your life and views and theirs is based on their own.

Next time, don't tell people who did not ask your opinion who to vote for. Depending on the state you live in, you might be way past hearing yet another political "ad" and just want it all to be over.
The interesting thing about politics is that reasonable people can look at the issues, look at the facts and reach completely different points and policies. I don't mind the reasonable people, they are fun to talk to, and you often learn something. It is the unreasonable people who bother me. Those who never look beyond a simple answer, a talking point or an opinion. Tax and spend liberals and rich fat cat republicans are not reasonable positions, they are simply unexamined opinions.

I've have several good discussions with a neighbor on politics. It is as much fun to see the points we agree on (Tom Delay is a weasel) and those we differ on (the war in Iraq). He is informed, bright, and well reasoned, and moreover, not a demagogue. I learn from him and he from me; yet, I would never consider voting for his candidate or he for mine.
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