8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
My third and final nigerian doe kidded Wednesday w/ triplet does (just what I ordered), they are small and weak, so I've been slow to share them. The bigger two are doing pretty good, so hopefully they'll do ok, I worry alot about the runt, she is offically the smallest kid I've ever had, and the weakest. So I got a few pics today, not very good ones unfortuantely, they don't turn out so well inside, I can't wait for them to start running and jumping like other babies, then I'll get some good pics.


(no idea where all this white came from)





So go ahead and gush!!
My Goat once had FIVE kids! Unforunately 3 of them were still born and the other two were super weak and small. The male couldn't even walk for 3 weeks. We had to go out and hold them up to mom every few hours but they both pulled through and are now the happiest,piggiest little goats ever!
These are the weakest kids I've ever had, the littlest one is not doing to well, she can stand, but isn't able to walk yet, not sure if she'll make it, but we're doing all we can for her so we'll see. The other two are doing pretty good, especially the whitest one.

Most I've had at a time is quads (infact these girls' mom was a quad), and have only had one stillborn, no weak kids, some small of course, but I've had runts in twins.
These pictures make me want to get into raising goats too. They are so cute when they are little. Not sure how much time and money it takes to raise them but I NEED something to do before I go nuts.
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

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