TRIUMPH !!!! Sexing mistakes


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Feb 21, 2009
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I went to the feed n seed six or so weeks ago and picked up a dozen heavy breed roos....or so I thought!!

It turns out that of the two buff-colored I got ( I like mix n match colors lol) One is a buff orpington roo, and one is a hen!!

She is half the weight of the roo, almost no comb, very docile, and the wattle/comb color is very very dull.

YAY!!! I now have a pair of buff orpingtons! Wahoooey!

Has anyone else had this happen? I ALWAYS hear of supposed hens actually turning out to be males... the folks who order 100 "straight run" ended up getting all roos, th 90% accurate rule of every hatchery, etc.

... the hatcheries seem pretty diligent in not letting females through their fingers without their highr prices, though!!

I was wondering if anyone else had this happen! I would love to hear your stories!


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I think your experience is quite unique and that for the most part it's the other way around. I bought 20 pullets of which one turned out to be a Roo. If you bought 20 Roos, one could turn out to be a pullet.
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Feb 29, 2008
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Well I didn't pay to have anything sexed but when I ordered 12 straight run GLWs last year, all 12 turned out to be hens.

BONUS!!! One roo would have been nice, now I have to get one from somewhere!

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Feb 15, 2009
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I haven't ordered from a hachery, but I got 4 chickens from the internet (2 each time). and when I was supposed to pick up "a pair of Jersey Giants" not only were they both roos, they weren't Jerseys either, just some sort of huge chicken. Then this weekend I got 2 little chicks (so cute), and my neighbor thinks I got a pair instead of 2 hens. At least this time I can trade back if it is a roo.

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