true Ameraucana (Blacks and Blues), Partridge Cochins, mix n match


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Northern Central Virginia
I currently have 10 (5 Black, 5 Blue) true Ameraucana chicks and 10 standard Cochin chicks (10 Partridge, 1 Black) ready to ship Tuesday/Wednesday. They are 1-3 weeks old and $6 each, take all, all one type, or mix and match.

Shipping is Express mail at cost and box is $6-10 depending on box size for the number of chicks you want Minimum to safely ship is 6-8. Because summer is here, I cannot ship to any area where the temps are staying above 80. So if you are in the south or southwest please do not bid. I reserve the right to delay shipping if our weather gets to warm to safely ship.

Please email or PM rather than bidding unless you want all of them :)


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