True Ameraucana cockerels--FREE--Oregon

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    Jun 29, 2009
    I have a group of 14-week-old true Ameraucana cockerels that need a new home. They are free to anybody who can pick them up in Portland, OR--no shipping. These boys are from blue/black/splash eggs I ordered this summer from a BYC member for my broody hen (who turned out to be an excellent mama).

    The Ameraucanas are: one dark blue, one medium blue, and one black. In addition, I have an all-white Easter Egger who was hatched with them, but came from a different batch of eggs. They are all sweet and used to being handled.

    All four came from nice blue eggs--I saved them and would be happy to show you. As I understand it, the blue-egg gene is dominant, which means that any daughters these fellas have will be colored-egg-layers. If you want to create your own line of Easter Eggers, you could breed one of these purebreds to any hen.


    Dark blue:

    Med blue:

    White EE:

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