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    Especially for TEAM CUTLER, but to any others who feel they have not had friendly and useful answers about questions regarding Dutch Bantams. Am very sorry that you have not had easy communications with Dutch Bantam breeders! On message boards, it is not easy to meet the question for a breed that has been struggling for its own identification for many years. If you write personally, email, you will find quite a different response. On the other hand, giving information has been met with "I know what I want and "heard" that ..." It makes one wonder why the question was asked when information offered is not received with appreciation. Others have gone further, and started a personal contact with one or more breeders of DUTCH DUTCH, who are always truly pleased for genuine interest in this special breed (that sruggles with crossbred OEGB)--a breed that also deserves its own identity, not mixed with Dutch Bantams-- The colors you desired are part of the struggle--were "made in the US", are not true Dutch in the US, but those who want them, do not accept this. and are willing to perpetuate crossbreds. To start in Dutch with these hatchery "dutch", is not a really good beginning, if you look for Showing in the future--with those birds. Serious breeders are not anxious to send birds, representing years of development of show and breeding birds to beginners who give impression of immediately crossbreeding varieties, and lose years of expensive and caring work with "best that they have".

    You are so right. We who have bred true Dutch for many years, may easily forget that we all were beginners with interest in Dutch and did not know what varieties were "true Dutch",and bred a few birds we called Dutch that were useless for show or breeding-and did not know where to find more information about them! Color breeding is basic learning. Only some varieties can be bred together for standard color production. There is great demand for Dutch and they are out there. (No, I have none available and usually hatch to order and folks come to the farm for their birds.) Sadly, we have lost long time breeders in the NW and Seattle area. Used to be great entries at Shows, and a number with several varieties. (Silvers were there, no longer.) Never, Blue, Self Blue, Black--all crossbred varieties, but available from some who are working to improve them (but without Dutch breeding in those varieties.) One day, we will again be able to import the real deal, but but until then, we must wait for some varieties!

    White earlobes and blue legs, do not make a Dutch Bantam--LOTS more uniquelyDutch characteristics. There are many sources of information about Dutch, websites, takes search.

    Best wishes, and thanks to Pathfinder who started the Dutch thread here (who also had wonderful Dutch--and knows about them.) And thanks to the others who have responded. Keep trying and am truly sorry about the response you have felt! We DO like ALL bantams, but Dutch especially and want to keep them DUTCH.And we DO welcome new breeders and exhibitors~

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