True Araucana Cockerels

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    I have three standard, clean-faced pure Araucana cockerels for sale. They are all crowing and already mating with my hens and they really need to find good homes. Two have partial tails and one is completely rumpless. Their father (from Thom Dean) is rumpless and clean-faced. Their moms (from Lanae Cash) are rumpless, except for one who is partially tailed. One of them is blue wheaten and the other two look to me like wild type, but I am not an expert on coloring yet. Two have green shanks and one has yellow shanks. They came from medium sized blue eggs. I feed my birds Cascade Organic Feed and allow them to free range. They are happy and healthy.

    I have pictures of the parents if interested. (The splash birds you see in a couple of pics are pure Ameraucana. I am also selling the splash Ameraucana cockrel). I am asking $25 for the rumpless cockerel and $20 for the partially tailed guys. Make me an offer if you don't believe those prices are fair.

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