True Araucanas?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CarolJ, Jun 20, 2011.

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    I recently bought three 4-month old "Araucanas" which were actually Easter Eggers - despite the description from the seller. From reading posts here, it seems that the chicks sold by hatcheries as Araucanas are almost always EE's instead. While I love my EE's and am looking forward to the eggs they'll start laying soon, I'd also like to have some true Araucanas someday. I can't add to my flock right now - but a few months down the road, where should I look to find the real thing for sale? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.

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    True Araucanas, from what I know as a newbie, have to be bought directly from a breeder. You can try to find on craiglist, but again if they aren't a breeder, u still might end up with EE's. There is an online auction on the BYC page that u could try or ask at ur local feed store if they know any breeders, or do a search on here and see if any breeders r on here and close to u. Good luck! They r beautiful birds!
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    There are a few good quality breeders of True Rumpless Araucanas here on BYC. Also there are breeders of True Ameraucanas as well. Ill find there name and edit my post as I find them. Are you looking for Hatching Eggs, Chicks, or Grown Birds.

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    Check the auctions and also look in Breeds, Genetics, and Showing Thread.

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    If you go to the Breeds Genetics and showing part of this website and look for the Araucana anyone thread. There are a few of us on there that breed raise show and sell true araucanas.

    Here is a couple pics of a few of my birds. You can also go to my website and see some of my birds.



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    OMG I LOVE your birds! If only hatcheries sold them.

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