True Blue Whiting Hatching Eggs 6+

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    A little about this unique breed.

    • They are prolific layers... even during the winter. My girls are laying every day. Their egg size is for the most part a large.
    • Their disposition is lively, energetic and they do well free ranging. They are flyers and excel at jumping over fences. I've clipped their wings, but I have a few that are still clearing a 6' fence. I've come to the conclusion that they are jumping like grasshoppers. They are friendly, but they are not like some chickens that like to be cuddled and held. They are smart too.
    McMurray hatchery that sells these chicks is sold out for 2017. They are not offering hatching eggs for sale.
    I will have hatching eggs available throughout the year, temperature permitting.

    Whiting True Blue​

    6+ Hatching eggs

    Dr. Tom Whiting, a poultry geneticist specializing in developing feathers for the fly-fishing industry, developed the Whiting True Blue. With his broad background in poultry genetics, he developed this breed to lay a consistent blue egg as you can see in the photo. These are not Araucanas, Ameraucanas, or 'Easter Eggers', they are their own breed. The birds will have varying feather patterns and coloration, which will add color and beauty to your flock.

    They will breed true for egg color, but will segregate into a myriad of plumage colors. Leg color will vary with plumage color.
    Egg size will start out with medium size eggs and progress to large eggs given adequate nutrition.

    Due to the cold weather, I am unable to ship into areas below freezing.

    I can't guarantee hatching rates because of shipping and handling after it leaves my control. I package my eggs well, and will send extras. I do not wash the eggs because it destroys the protective barrier on the eggs. The hens puts a protective barrier on the egg to keep bacteria out which keeps the chick alive in the egg.

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