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    Feb 28, 2012
    Sorry I couldn't help myself with the title. I have been letting my 3 week old chicks in a pen in the yard with supervision. Since they are eating some bugs and grass I bought some fine grit for them. I put a small dish with some of the grit in it, you would have thought I put a bowl of mealworms in with them. Took it back out as I was afraid they would eat too much of it. Do they know when to stop or will they eat too much of it? Is it too early to give it to them?
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    You are right, once the chicks start eating anything other than the chick crumbles, they will need grit. Usually chickens know how much grit they need. Not that much, it's kind of like a sprinkling as you would salt on your food. Maybe just put out a smaller amount just in case they could over-do it with the grit. Better to be safe than sorry.

    As adult chickens, you really don't have to worry, they only take as much grit as they need, plus, if you free range, or if they have an outdoor area to graze in, they will find grit and tiny pebbles out in the yard.

    If they don't have access to the outdoors, say when it's winter time and the weather is harsh, then it's good to supply your adult chickens with grit.
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    Two weeks old is when they won't overingest the grit, from my experience. When you first put it in there they will love it and overindulge, but they will stop.

    I would simply put a small amount in there to begin with, as chickens are individuals and if you are noticing them having a problem, don't ignore it as you don't want them to wind up with impacted crop from all that grit.

    They do act like it is amazingly delicious.

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