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    Okay, it seems many of you do not live in a free part of America. All these posts about chickens not being legal to own in ceratin cities/counties/communities/etc are bewildering. Why don't we as chicken owners, band together to get legislation passed that all governing regulations pertaining to poultry (or anything else for that matter), be honest and fair. If a community has an ordinance against free, tax-paying citizens owning their own chickens, said community cannot have restaurants selling poultry or poultry products. No more running down to the local grocery for a pack of leg quarters.....nope, your community is intolerant of poultry. No more running to the diner for scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sound feasible? Why not? These are the same yahoos that jump up and down pitching fits over "saving the whales" and animal rights, but don't have a clue where their food really comes from. I bet it would take less than a month for them to see the light if they had to give up all poultry products. They would welcome the local poultry grower into their neighborhood.

    And yes, I'm dead serious about this. I have always felt that if someone was going to push an agenda, they should see it through.
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    You should consider running for office locally on this platform and then take it nationally if you win.

    Not that I'm cynical, but I probably won't live long enough to see this happen. Commercial poultry producers have very powerful lobbyists who probably view all backyard chicken owners as potential threats to their bottom line, and they'd pay whatever it takes to defeat you.

    "Push the agenda and see it through" is empowering for all of us, so go for it and good luck.
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    Go for it! Laws governing chickens can be a bit absurd. I'm breaking zoning laws in my community, the zoning officer is aware but is turning a blind eye until he receives a complaint. I dislike feeling like a criminal, even more so when people point it out. I feel like fighting could backfire on me and the other underground chicken fanciers in town. It's not a meth lab people, it's four pet chickens!
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    You shouldn't feel like a criminal, you should feel kinda patriotic about it, actually. It's not like you're sneaking, as you pointed out, your local government knows you are doing it. One of my pet peeves is chickenkeepers trying to fly under the radar to avoid a government entity finding out about them, who will not stand up and support someone who is willing to stand up.

    Standing up for what we believe is always a risk. There are ways to minimize the risk, but there will always be some. Some things we can do is quietly organize a little. Make a list of all chicken keepers you know in your area. Get ahold of those people, and have them make a list of all chicken keepers they know in the area. Even just three or four levels of folks doing that can give you an impressive list of folks to get to band together. Try to get everyone's E-mail address. E-mail is the best thing since 'spoken language' was invented for organizing.

    Once you get a substantial group of people together, discuss what ya'll want. Some folks will be happy just to get permission for two or three hens. I find that to be "not enough" and feel there really should be NO specific mandate on numbers or types of chickens kept. Nuisance Chickenkeepers can already be kept in check with already existing general nuisance and health regulations anyway.
    We don't need an "anti rooster" ordinance, for example. That can already be addressed by general noise ordinances that would apply to a barking dog, someone working on a dragster in their residential driveway at 3:00a.m., etc.

    Get a petition going. Ntt an "online petition" but an actual, "hard petition," one that people actually have to sign. Feed stores and even convenience stores are a great place to put a clipboard and get a bucketload of local residents signatures. These are also great to have come election time, because you have a list of people who you already know their view on the issue, and you can notify them that any elected official who is working against you needs to be voted out. This very tactic can truly mean the difference between winning or losing an election . . .and these politicians will understand that, particularly if you tell them you do plan on dong just that if they don't come around to your way of thinking. Yes, that's playing hardball . . .and that is what brings about political change, particularly if you are not a majority. And make no mistake, Chicken fanciers are a minority.

    Once ya'll get together a bit, and have a bunch of signatures pick a spokeman and get placed on the agenda of a council or commisiiion meeting or whatever, and raise the issue in open meeting. One more note on the signatures: Ya need to get name and address, if possible phone number and E-mail too. This is necessary on the chance they demand signature verification, and also so you have a list of already proven supporters to call for the next election or other issues.

    So . . . you aren't a criminal . . . you're an American![​IMG]

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