True Rumpless Araucanas

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    I have clean faced rumples Araucanas, 16 weeks old.1 white cockerel , 1 bbr pullet... my best guess by there combs and carriage and the way they stand. Plus 6 others 19 weeks old, not sure of sex because I haven't studied them too much and just cant remember now when I'm writing this. I can take pics later of the 19 week old if your really interested. pics of 16 week-old are posted with this add. I want $25.00 each plus shipping, these will make good breeders to start your flock or improve your line. They are from Gary Ramey line.

    Also I have 1 double tufted show prospect, 16 weeks old BBR pullet... $150.00 plus shipping. Ann Charles sold one exactly like this one for $250 plus shipping, so at $150 she is a bargain for correct show quality and a double tuft white cockerel breeder, he has willow legs, not yellow. but double tufted to cover your clean faced hens. he is $100.00
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    Dec 20, 2009
    Are these bantams? They look like bantams to me, but I wasn't sure.
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    No not bantams, just young. LF pullets and cockerels.
    Thanks Steve.
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