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  1. Royd Wood

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    Feb 2, 2010
    So imagine the setting, free range chickens and ducks wandering around looking to find a cool spot from the noon heat, sheep, cattle and pigs in the shelters all nice and calm. From our oat field wanders a huge coyote who then enters the front yard.
    Instead of looking for the gun we all stood and stared in total amasement as one of our cock pheasants ran up and buried his claws in the coyotes face, he ran off back to the oat field with the pheasant in hot persuit.
    The pheasant wandered back 5 mins later with no wounds - True Story

    Posted this on Backyard herds Predators and Pests section a few weeks back and thought all you pheasant lovers should read this - Have any of you ever seen this before.
  2. Imp

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    About 12 years ago I was standing at the door as the sun came up. A coyote came walking down the street, walked up to a neighbors sleeping cat. Sniffed it a couple times, then walked away. That cat is still alive-lives in my backyard now.

    But a pheasant, that's amazing.

    Imp- I believe it.
  3. Royd Wood

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Perhaps the cat wispered - Touch me and your history ???????? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. user66647

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    Aug 29, 2010
    I've had one of my impenyan males in Florida attack a racoon before. Poor racoon though, I know he got some scratches! The darn thing never came back! [​IMG]
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Southeastern NC
    I remember a Siamese cat that nearly had a toe amputated by a lovebird. She had jumped on top of the bird's cage and stuck her paw in trying to grab the bird. Instead, the bird grabbed her (if you've ever been bitten by a hook-bill, you know what I mean) and held on for a full minute, with the cat wailing as only a Siamese can do. When it finally turned loose of her toe, she shot out of the room and never went back in again![​IMG]
  6. wpalmisano

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    Aug 11, 2010
    Here's one. True story. I had spent the spring and early summer working on a planted flight pen for my ring necks. Going back a couple of years. In the center of the pen was a small brush pile. I threw in a couple of scoops of scratch grain for my birds, when a really small chipmunk just comes walking out of the brush pile. He had guts, or failed to notice the recent addition of pheasants. It took about ten seconds for the first hen to spot him. I saw her stop in her tracks, lower herself to ground, and begin to stalk him. Well, she got right up on him, and he was so engrossed by the piece of grain he failed to notice her. When he finally froze she pounced right on him and delivered a pecking blow. He turned to fight and a second hen came running in and also attacked. The hens pecked at him a few times and he leaped high into the air a few times, but he was a goner. He tried to alternate between fighting and running but they were pecking him and running away, then coming back. They kept picking him up and dropping him. I think they were trying to get to his belly. By now there were 4 or 5 of them in on it and they eventually killed him. They never used their feet.
    After the deed was done one hen picked him up and began to run while the others gave chase. She would drop it, another would pick it up and run, and this went on for about 10 minutes until one of them got smart and ran into the brush pile with him. I went back to work thinking about Jurassic Park which was a hit at the time. About two hours later I glanced up and a rooster came running by with a half of a chipmunk in his mouth. The games continued for hours until the poor thing was finally gone. I've seen them do it a few times since then, to mice, chicks, sparrows, even a garter snake, but that first time was memorable. I kept thinking "dinosaur."
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