trusted my kids with a pervert. very upset.

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  1. Just found out that they guy who ran a Gymnastics class in our area was arrested for videotaping his teenaged stepdaughter while she showered. He hid the camera in a basket so she didn't know... this went on for YEARS. anyway, my 2 girls went to camp there this summer, and I was there too, most of the time He carried my little one around a lot, which I thought was a little odd, but I never, EVER got the creepy vibes from him. I mean, yeah, i thought it was a little strange that a grown man would choose a profession involving the handling of young girls in tight leotards, but he just didn't seem pervy. well, guess I was wrong. I am very disappointed and angry.
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    Wonder if he has a record? Thats something important to find out...
    Because if so..and that place hired him... [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG] That makes me so super mad!! I've had problems with things like that in my past, and it makes me FURIOUS to hear of things like that! Talk about the scum of the earth! Aaaaaarrrruuuugggghhhhh!!!

    I am sorry that it happened to e someone your children were involved with. Thank goodness he was found out when he was!!!!
  4. I would be more than mad, I would be fuming.. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And Im not the sueing type person. But I would get together with all the parents and sue the pants off of the place that hired that guy with out checking up on his past. Well that is if he actually had a past with getting caught. He just may have been good at getting away with stuff and never got caught. Which would make me mad, but nothing you could do to the company if the did check and found nothing..
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    Yes,, its VERY important to find out if this company that hired him did background checks...
  6. Yeah... in order to be a gymnastics coach, you have to pass a background check every year. He Owned the business, so he was the dude in charge of the hiring. I do believe he was caught before his perversions became physical with anyone, and you'd better believe I questioned my 5 and 3 year old... which I didn't want to do, but i had to make sure they were okay. I'm so sick of not being able to trust anyone. what is the world coming to?
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    This is a horrible experience for you and your family [​IMG]. I'm so sick and tired of people in trusted positions abusing children, it gives the rest of the great teachers/coaches that are out there a bad reputation [​IMG].
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    any chance your in CT?
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    You would be surpised , my daughter use to ice skate. And her coach had sexual relations with one of his 13 year old students. Mind you we did not know this until a few years after he had been giving my daughter lessons. Although I did get weird vibes from him. People knew and never told us which I think is wrong I should have known and the skating ring should never hired him ! I guess he had a good lawyer and doesn't have to file as a sexual predator. He to this day is still allowed to be around young girls. Sometimes I get so mad , we have to even harder work to protect our children. Don't feel bad because we are trusting.
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    And this is why I trust NO-ONE with my kids except for my family..its a scary world out there nowadays...TOO scary! My kids are never alone with anyone...except at school and that scares the crap out of me. Sorry u had to go through this...but at least ur kids didnt get hurt and it was a lesson learned...not all pervs give off "the vibe"...what a nasty jerk....taping his own child in the shower...why would anyone even think of such a thing.. So much for sleeping tonight. [​IMG]

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