truth or fiction???

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  1. I heard you have to get your goats tested for TB before you milk this true??? I never heard this, someone in my area said it to my hubby, and he told me. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Err...I've not heard it.
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    * We heard the same blurb, Z. Not packing enough info into the story here, though. I don't think there was even 7 seconds on it.
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    I believe it all stems back to giving raw milk to babies. I had a nurse tell my DIL not to give the raw milk to my G'kids as its not good for them...Ha ...they are doing much better on raw milk than store bought milk and wouldnt change it at all. Yes you can have them tested and they will tell you to pasturize it also...go to and check this site out.... and read what they have to say about it...the large dairies want you to only buy their products and not use your own. Well you will be surprised at what you will read about milk on there and it will make you a believer. I hope this helps..
  5. thanx! it did. I never listen to others, and generally do my own thing, and I thought the idea of my goats being infected with tuberculosis, and me having to worry about catching it from their milk, and not from giving them kisses, and having them slobber on me, was kinda silly.
    I just wanted to run it by some of you who might be a bit more aware of these things than myself!! I agree that daries want you to buy their goods only- heck, my eggs go from the chickens bum to my skillet! I saw "pasteurized" eggs yesterday and I laughed. Well thanx for letting me know!
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    Did you know that you can pasteurize your own eggs!

    Ok, pick up an egg in your right hand (or left hand) and raise it to your eye level. Now, slowly move the egg from one side of your body to the other watching it while you move it.

    There you go: you egg has now been "past - your - eyes". [​IMG]

    Sorry, I'm from a bunch of dairy farmers ... we have a weird sense of humor.
  7. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    that is about the only way I do it!! That was too much, thanx for the laugh!!!!

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