Try as we might, we still lose one........

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    Sep 26, 2014
    We believe we actually have the right setup to avoid predators, but only one part not fully implemented and it cost us a beautiful white silkie about 30mins ago to a hawk. [​IMG]

    We bought fencing a predator can't get thru, aviary netting they can't fly thru and a great pyranees they can't run from...Pyranees is still puppy at 7mths and about 60lbs and is not allowed to run free when birds are out...yet...He still chases ducks, doesn't want to catch them, just toys with them but they go into major panic and we can't have that so we have him on chain during day, when they go into coops at night, the world is his oyster and we haven't seen a predator at night since we got him when that used to be an all too frequent occurrence...

    This hawk flew under aviary netting within 15' on dog who got our attention with his barking...Sadly, by the time he sees a hawk land and hit, it's too late, if he was loose, it wouldn't have happened but he's just not ready, so today's a sad day......
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    Sorry for your loss.

    It seems you have a gap that needs closing in that netting.

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