Try my recipe for Southern Cornbread, its pretty darn good!!!!

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    Dec 14, 2008
    you'll need:
    -large cast iron skillet
    -2 cups of white/yellow cornmeal
    -1 large fresh egg
    -1spoonful of butter
    -2 tbsp shortening, or bacon grease
    -buttermilk or plain 2%milk
    -onion, if desired, about 1/4 a cup
    -half a can of corn, if desired
    1. preheat oven to 400
    2. grease skillet with lard or oil or shortening
    3. in a large mixing bowl combine cornmeal, shortening, butter and mix with hands until you get the cornmeal looking like breadcrumbs
    4. then add milk, egg, onion and corn and mix well, incorporating well, you should have a smooth and thick consistency
    5. add to the grased pan and bake until top is golden brown
    6. let it cool for a few minutes and flip it over and if your pan is correctly seasoned, it will flop right out
    7. cut and enjoy!
    - for a crunchier crust put the greased pan in the oven before hand and let the oil get warm/hot before you add the mixture, then bake it
    - serve with fried chicken,mashed potatoes,greenbeans, mac n cheese. a meal fit for a king!
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    Yum! [​IMG]


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