trying out our first home made cabinetdisaster!

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    plug it in, heats right up to 100. . .

    then 110

    then 120

    adjust it the tiniest bit,

    plunges to72 ( house temp)


    I put a new therm/humidity digital gauge in at shelf level and its reading cooler, it is mostly staying at 97-101 degrees. Humidity is staying where it needs to be. the old therm. is sitting about 2 inches below the heating wafer and is holding at 110.

    OBVIOUSLY this is not a good scenario... but... do you think anything will hatch?

    should i worry?

    I plan on eventually putting in a really nice thermostat. but i have eggs in there now!
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    Apr 29, 2007
    If your temp at egg level is the 97-101 I would say you have a chance. Heat rises so if your wafer is above eggs (assuming it is) and thermometer is below that reading 110, but other is egg level, I think you will do ok.
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    Hubby did his own thing making a hatcher, then redid it like everyone else's!
    Getting the right temp/humidity is a trial and error method of putting the thermostat at the proper distance from heat source to coincide with the range of the thermostat. Read Read Read everyone's experiences.
    The humidity is a matter of air flow and fresh air. We found three holes allowed better adjustment levels.

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