Trying to Decide - UPDATE w/ PICS (1st Post)


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Hi - My family is looking to add some fowl to our lives. We are having a hard time deciding what would be right for us.. If anyone could offer up their personal opinions I would greatly appreciate it

We need..
- Pest Control for the garden & yard
- Rabbit Control (They have resorted to chewing holes in our wood fence to get into the yard after we placed chicken fencing under ourprivacy fence.

We have...
- 3 Kids
- 2 dogs (that are babies as they litterally roll their eyes at the rabbits), great gaurd dogs huh

- 1 acre privacy fenced backyard

We Can't decide from...
- A Rooster
- Couple Hens
- Couple of Guineas
- or a couple of Ducks



So my boys and I went down to TSC and OMGosh I fell in love. I was set on hens, but the ducklings are so stinkin
In house they had...
- Rhode Island Reds
- Bantams
- & I believe Plymouth Rocks
- & of course the White Pekin Ducks

(See the little guy winking at me


Has anyone ever ordered from TSC and not taken the in-house chicks? I saw the order forms, but didn't know the process!

Also we have a brooder ready. I had everything from back in the college days when I had to raise broilers for a feed class! I was proud of myself though for not walking out with all of them today
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First off
from MN!

I don't have any knowledge of Guineas other than they are loud, fly, and are GREAT for bugs.

Ducks are also good for pest control and come in many varieties - some fly and some don't.

I have Roosters and love the boys, they take such good care of the girls. I love watching them call the hens over when they find a nice tasty treat. The only thing about Roosters is they like to crow. They will crow in the morning, during the night if something disturbs them, or anytime the mood strikes them during the day. I have one standard roo and 5 silkie roos. Silkie roos are a lot quieter than the standard.

I like my hens too, they are ok at pest control and provide many hours of entertainment.

I would look into the regulations where you live to see if you are allowed chickens/roosters, ducks or guineas. Some areas don't allow roosters or fowl of any type.

I don't have ducks, but I know that they'll eat bugs without damaging plants, and chickens eat anything they can get their beaks on. I have chickens and I love them. I completly agree with Karrie13. She pretty much said what I would have.
Thanks Karrie! We live in the county and can have farm animals, just not hoof stock! My neighbor down the road has about 5 hens for eggs & told us they are great for the garden!

I wanted to add my neighbor keeps hers in a coop & lets them out to forge in the garden.

I didn't know if ducks would be good pest control as I have never dealt with them.
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My girls, RSLs, are awesome pest controllers.
They have reduced the chameleon population in my yard a GREAT deal & I only see an occasional roach. We do still have someone come in a couple times a year to spray just the outer perimeter of the house and as long as that dries before the girls wander the yard, it all works out.

My girls have also killed about 2-3 rats when those rats tried to eat their feed.
Scared the heck out of me the first time I saw this. They have also chased down 2 roosters that happened to be in/around our yard.

BTW I live in the city lol!

Anyway, just from my limited but enjoyable experience, I would recommend a couple of hens. It's fun when they start laying and it's actually saved us some money. We haven't bought eggs for over 2 years.

Good luck!
Just wanted to point out that chickens are social animals and a lone rooster would be a very LONELY rooster. I wouldn't have fewer than 3 hens so if something happens to one, the others still have each other. If you want fertile eggs so you can raise chicks, then add a rooster. Otherwise, just stick with the hens.

I've heard ducks poop even more than chickens. We had ducks when I was a kid and I do remember the porch covered in duck poop.

Guineas are cute, but boy, are they noisy!

I chose chickens because I wanted to enjoy their antics as well as their eggs. And I added a rooster and have my second batch of fertile eggs in the incubator.

A word of warning - whichever way you go, you will become addicted!
Thank You all - this is so helpful! I have been reading for over a week and keep going back and forth, but I think a few hens would be the best!

Does anyone have experience with Hens keeping out rabbits?

Our local TSC just got their chicks in, so I think a trip is in order.
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Make sure you have a brooder ready for them when they arrive home!!! Getting cold is one of the major causes of chicks dying. You need to keep them around 95 degrees when they get home.
I remember when I was younger we had to geese. They kepts bug away for the most part, keeps snakes away, and rodents. As they would kill rats if they got in there food source. and they would get in the garden and eat bugs, and didn't bother any of the plants really. They would eat a few weeds here and there. How I miss those geese. Wish I had room for some.
Not sure where you are, but our TSC sells a booder kit for around $20, you would also need to buy a lamp. Of course, for 3 chicks, a plastic storage tub would probably be perfect.

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