Trying to plan for the 15 new baby silkies coming in a week

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    I have read many threads and they are very helpful; So much so my head hurts, LOL. When they first come do they need much space or is it better to keep them in close quarters. We have a cage that is 18" by 24" and also and old pond line we can use that is much bigger. Can we start with the smaller and then move them to the bigger. Also, I read do not let them outside until they are like 2 or 3 weeks. We have an outdoor pen we use for rehabbing bunnies and birds ( one tiny bunny in there now) when can we put them there?

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    We had our assorted chicks in a small cage and had to move them the first day because they were too crowded. Not sure what the experts say, but ours clearly needed more room. We then moved them into a big galvanized tub but within 2 weeks, they outgrew that as well, so we used 2 ends of an xlarge dog crate clamped together. The last two weeks, I just left the screen top off and let them fly about the sun room. Big mess, yes = happy chickens.

    You can see our brooder set up on my page.

    am sure you will get all sorts of advice on when to move them out - we waited until they were 6.5 weeks, but only because our coop wasn't finished [​IMG].
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