Trying to sex my new chickens?


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Jun 21, 2017
We purchased a old dairy farm about a year ago! We have had chickens 8 to be exact for about 2 1/2 years all hens! Since moving to the farm I have increased my flock! We now have 8 amberlink pullets, 6 barred rocks pullets, 6 Araucania pullets?! 1 might be a rooster, 6 jersey giants pullets 2 might be roosters and 6 Australop pullets. All great birds and are super social with people my 3 boys spend a tremendous amount of time with them. I am have trouble deciding weather or not one of my araucana is a rooster it looks very different from my other girls and is starting to bite them on the back of neck and stand on them! So I'm assuming it's a boy!?


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You can post a few pictures of him HERE and people will chime in and help you determine the sex.
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