Trying Ultra Kibble vrs Mazuri game bird breeder

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Well I ordered some online and I'm starting my own trial....they look very much the same and I'm using the Mazuri only on the MW turkeys. The Ultra Kibble with the other turkeys and the chickens I have 1 pen I will stay feeding my regular way. Right away less mess though it has taken the birds a week to eat the Ultra at the same rate as the whole grains they did at first leave them in the feeder. Resolution has given me some suggestions that after Thanksgiving I'll be using and I'll be working on getting my breeding birds to eat a bit more. I have the forage cakes too but need to fix up the feeding station before I leave those out I do have one baby cake in with my babies and they are just testing it I was worried it would just disappear. For anyone thinking about just using the forage cakes they are about 1/3 of the size of a Purina forage block but my birds take forever to eat those. So far I wish I could find the Ultra Kibble local the shipping even with a discount was high but a little goes a long ways so per pound it's cheaper than any feed I can get that's 24% and it is 43%.
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    Any good feedstore next to you who you can ask to order the Ultra? Took me awhile with our feedstore - was not Ultra, but just FR Pellets that I had to special order. I kept telling them that if they STOCKED the pellets, it would sell. Finally after a year they stock it, and it sells out before the crumbles. [​IMG]
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    Mar 17, 2010
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    I've asked I can't even get them to order fish meal or kelp they think I'm on overkill for feeding chickens the way I do anyways...they thought I was raising pigeons or something exotic now the feed store one town away will order anything Purina or Mazuri and I might try the Game bird breeder chow or the game bird layer others with heritage chickens like it.
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    Oh, this is great! I am so excited to hear how it all turns out for you. Please do keep us updated. I am very interested in these products.
  5. Lotsapaints

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Okay the turkeys on the Mazuri are eating it just fine and my egg production has increased soon to find out if the eggs are fertile and no waste so cheaper than the Feed store turkey mix so I'm pleased next I'm trying the Purina game bird breeder chow that is supposed to be good for the chickens too. The turkeys eating the Ultra Kibble just went to eating it if I see it piling up in the feeder I'll make them a mash with it too.

    The chickens in my control group is not laying very good right now ( 1 to 3 eggs from 6 hens) don't know if that's the feed or just the time of the year they have no lights.....but the other pen of the same breed just a couple of months younger have been laying okay today 10 eggs from 13 hens. The biggest thing is in the consumption of feed down 10 to 15% problem with my Delawares is that they seem to not like this feed so I have to soften the kibble and mix it with the sprouted grains or I've mixed it with some laying mash as they like that in a feed pan looks like fluffy hot cereal they eat it that way and the Silver Penciled Rocks are the same they are younger not laying yet but 17 weeks old so I mix up the platter for them. I think I'm at 7% maybe higher with the Ultra Kibble it is not expensive adding it to my grains that cost 10.00 to 12.00 a bag plus more for flax and split peas. I'm making less feed everyday and totally agree with feeding twice a day my birds are not hungry I see them sunning themselves taking dust baths more digging around for the green grass trying to grow right now and it's funny they still beg but unless it's good scraps not just some grain I toss out they eat it but without the frenzy unless it's birds totally love any kind of fish.

    Droppings are much firmer I'm really looking forwards to getting my slings up I never had much smell but the moisture content is down and I've switched to rice hulls the birds love them they just fluff it up and of course there is little dust with it so it must be better for their lungs.

    Soon I'll be hatching eggs that's what this whole trial is for getting better hatching eggs I know my eggs are getting bigger but these are pullets. I think they are nice eggs feel nice great shell quality even on the one who never has good shells her eggs are getting better and she's been laying everyday.

    Kathy I got my first egg from my New Hampshire that I hatched in July and the other 2 look close how old are yours?

    So I'm thinking that I'm getting my money's worth even the forage blocks don't get pecked on that much I did buy those and I was worried that they would just mow right through them I guess they are not bored I know they are not hungry
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    WOW, this is great news. Thanks for the update. I am gonna have to try to locate these products. My local feed store sells Purina, but says they can not order Mazuri. I can't understand this. I guess it is only available at some of the Purina outlets. Ordering online is always an option.

    Thanks again! Keep updating, please.

    My New Hampshires are red in the combs and should be laying any day, I hope. I do not know their hatch dates.
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    [​IMG] I have used the matzuri product and grain with spices for over a year now..My hatch rates didn't change too much but I do note that I HAVE to have 1/4 layer pellet always... I haven't been able to get rid of it....or the marans won't lay.. they are fat as ticks though and the health rate of my birds... Cannot even ever go back to the other way of doing things.. So excellent.. I am more than amazed.. I haven't had the luxury of the kibble but my understanding is that each bird just needs a couple of pellets so of course they would leave them..they pack a whollup... I only give about 3 or 4 pellets of the koi per bird.. They gobble them out before the corn and the last think left is corn and wheat in the mix... they pick out what that want... the sunflower seeds are a top pick in winter also.. the oil in the feathers got my daughter DQ'ed for falsing... they looked that good... we were of course HONORED. We also got in trouble for the yellow electrolites in their water.. Roookies!!!! it is just 4h so no biggy... note to self for next year..make a special batch without spices before fair... the yellow on the white birds stained em...dang!!! We were however unbeatable in eggs and won GRAND CHAMPION AT STATE... We did even with the DQ's and such walk away with Reserve CHAMPION ribbons in 3 places and Grand champion in eggs... and it is a tougher egg competition than a normal competition... They cracked 6 out of 12 and looked for freshness and color and shape of white and runnyness... We were spot on!... So for the Resolution feed solution... The embryos were very healthy... the chicks were husky and tough and I have some nice stock this year... haven't lost a single pullet from the hatch with this program.. I thought I would share that result I use DE in the feed as well.

    Great thread!!!!! good idea [​IMG]

    I have wondered if supplementing dolamite or another calcium source would likely improve the lay rate... Before you jump in and buy the layer pellets, see if you can get some calcium in there... that may be the missing link..
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    Interesting thread. Can you tell me how big the kibble is? I know Nature's Best pellets are smaller than Purina, so just wondering.
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    Quote:I'd say 1/4 round like the size of a dried pea maybe a little smaller the Matzuri is darker then the ultra kibbles

    Geebs I put charcoal and calcium out in tubs with the forage blocks and I have Izmine sold by Dynamite for the horses and I mix that in too with the feed right now I'm overrun with eggs so I hard boil or scramble the extras I save all the shells and bake them crush them and give them back. I've been cleaning out my old spices I've found nothing that they will not eat mixed with the feed...what spices do you feed regularly?

    The shell quality is very nice and even the Del eggs are a deep brown I want to enter my eggs at the local fair this summer tell me more....
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    Oct 18, 2010
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    If you can't get your feed store to carry the Kibble, how about getting a few friends in on spitting an order of a few bags, and a case of this and that.

    We went ahead and ordered a pallet and had our own batch of feed mixed up at a local farm. As your testing will find out for sure, overall food consumption will go down because they will be getting what they need with less intake. Their bodies know. So we ended up saving quite a bit of money. And we have extra bags left over that we sell to some local friends.

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