TSC bantam chick pasty butt swollen red abdomen no feathers on stomach

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    My husband brought home 6 chicks to add to our 4 today. One had horrible pasting over its vent and I had to dunk it in warm water to even loosen it. After I removed the paste, the chick had a huge bowel movement. Her stomach is very large and red though and she seems to be missing feathers. She’s picking at the starter now and seems to feel better will poly vi sol help her? How can I help her DD2F9FB1-18D3-472D-A04E-789CFB4359A8.jpeg EABF8498-025C-4CA6-A5E8-F2AE47723BB5.jpeg 82C0E63A-3D7D-4B29-8F76-797182C81F69.jpeg
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    I would get her drinking water, and electrolytes with vitamins are good for a few days. Pasty butt can recur for a few days, so check for it daily. Good luck. It doesn’t look like omphalitis to me.
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