TSC litter is too fine...ARRG!! Sick chicks!

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    I usually buy the pine shavings from Wallyworld...But this time since I was at TSC I just got them there to save a trip...BAD mistake...Should have trusted my instincts because they were slighty packy feeling not really damp but had second thoughts and ignored them. My babies were put out into the coop then two days later let out of the coop and that night I had noticed several of them wheezing. Went back to TSC the next morning and started them on antibiotic...This is day 3 and most are sounding much better and breathing quieter but still sneezing...But my frizzle is still wheezing. I am going to leave them one more day on 4 tsp per gallon and then cut back to the two tsp per gal for 6 more days...I think thats what I read here. Wish my babies a quick recovery please...Worried I might lose my Frizzle. [​IMG]
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  2. Hangin Wit My Peeps

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    OH NO! [​IMG] Sure hope your babies are ok! Let us know how they do.
  3. cthrash1

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Somerset, KY
    Will keep this updated...Thank you
  4. after you found out it was the shavings you changed them...right?
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    Dec 27, 2007
    Try getting them at SS. They have a brand at mine called Statesman, I believe. There's a pic of a horse in a stall on the front of the bag. That's the kind I get and they are nice, big flakes. The only thing is sometimes there is also big chunks of wood too and you have to pull them out because they are ususally sharp.
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  6. cthrash1

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Somerset, KY
    Yes I changed it and the chickies seem do be doing better except the frizzle is still wheezing today but all including frizzle have healthy appetites and are drinking the meds fine, healthy poo and they are very active, they love to run back to their door(which is a full size door instead of hatch) then turn around and fly out. It's so funny. Our neighbors probably think we're crazy because my dd, ds and I all sit in lawn chairs and watch them...All the neighbors see is 3 crazy people sitting in the leanto laughing and staring.
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    Chicken lovers are not crazy...that's what I keep telling myself anyway! But when you're running around the yard at 8am trying to catch two loose chickens in your jammies and your neighbors are watching and laughing, well...ok...guess I'm crazy too!!! Hope your frizzle is ok.
  8. LuannKeller

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    Apr 17, 2008
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    Wonderful to have such healthy entertainment and some one to enjoy it with you! Hope your frizzle clears up - I feel sure she will.
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    Funny you mention TSC's shavings. I just replaced all the litter in the coop about a week ago with TSC's 'Wood Shavings'. The sales girl assured me it was all pine, but yes, that stuff is chopped small and it felt a bit damp. It's since dried out, we live in a very dry place. But I noticed some big chunks were painted white on one side, what are they shredding up?? Looks like building material of some sort. Mine haven't gotten sick...thank goodness! But I'm not buying it anymore, I'm sticking to the feed store stuff. It's bigger and comes from a local lumber mill. No more TSC shavings for us either. [​IMG]

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