TSC poultry swap Paris, Ky

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    Nov 8, 2008
    A poultry swap and sale this Saturday, July 31, at the Tractor Supply in Paris, KY. This has been a very good swap, lots of different breeds and varieties.....
    I will be bringing:

    Bantam hens of Gold Sebright, Millie Fluer D`Uccle, Porcelain D`Uccle, Maybe some dutch bantam females, too.
    1 pair of Black LaFleche
    1 pair of Nankins
    Several young Buff Columbian D`Uccles
    young large fowl Sumatras
    1 pair large fowl Black Sumatras
    5 started Russian Orloffs
    Coturnix Quail,
    Chocolate Fantail pigeons
    White Indian fantail pigeons
    various baby large ducks
    1 pair of black Swedish ducks
    1 pair of Cayuga ducks

    Love to see you there!!! Jane/ Cedaridgefarm 859-992-8882 leave message

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