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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Hi guys I still have about 35 left-anymore takers??? I'LL DO A DEAL 2 FOR 20$ INCLUDING SHIPPING

    I went a tiny bit overboard buying so many Tshirts for my chickenstock:-( I expected 100+ people showing because of the yes's I got to come-wellllll Not only did I cook for an army but-Only about 45 people showed tops and I now have 35 Tshirts left!!! I sold these for 20$ and that was onyl 2-3$ above what I paid for them so Im offering them up for 12$ total including shipping-I am taking a loss on these but can't afford to have these just sitting in my kitchen-thats 500$ worth of Tshirts just sitting there:-( If you find it in your hearts to help please do-do not hit the buy it now button post here that you want one please. my paypal is [email protected]-

    I have XL-L-Mediums-( No smalls left) the shirts are BLACK with white lettering not white like the photo-we changed our minds last minute because with a white shirt-stains would show up too soon:) THESE SHIRTS ARE MADE OF PRESHRUNK MATERIAL TOO:)


    thank you so much guys!!!

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