Tucson, Arizona 2011 Chicken Coop Tour!

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    The Tucson Food Conspiracy Co-op Presents:
    The Fourth Annual Chicken Coop Tour Saturday, Dec 3, 2011

    You’re in cluck! It’s once again time for the Food Conspiracy’s most popular event — the annual Backyard Chicken Coop Tour.
    The self-guided tour is a great way to gather information before buying a brood. See a wide variety of creative coop styles and sizes. Talk to backyard chicken keepers. Learn about raising chicks.

    How it works
    Once a person has purchased a ticket, they will be added to a list of tour participants. One week before the tour, all tour participants will receive an email with a downloadable packet that includes a map to all participating coops and descriptions/pictures of
    each coop. For anyone without email, a hard copy of the packet can be mailed to them or held for pickup at the Co-op.

    On the day of the tour, anyone with a ticket can visit any coops they choose to visit anytime between 10 and 3 pm. There is no set route, participants can start at any coop on the tour, participants do not need to visit every coop, and participants can spend as little or as much time at each coop as they want to.

    At each participating coop there will be at least one person available throughout the tour to answer questions about their chickens and coops. Many of the coop owners also have other home sustainability features like cisterns, desert gardens, rainwater harvesting basins and solar ovens, and they’ll be happy to talk about them, too. All money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the Watershed Management Group to offer subsidies for installing backyard chicken coops. Tickets are $5 and are for sale at the co-op.
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