Tucson rehoming 2 handraised MilleFluer Roos

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by TucsonFrizzled, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. TucsonFrizzled

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    Howdy Ya'll ~[​IMG]

    Nice boys, I got them just after Ideal shipped them to the feed store I ordered them through. April 1st, 2007 they were several days old and they have been raised with care. They are used to a dog, and two cats.

    Their crow is not loud, and they sing like songbirds when in quiet contemplation.

    They can be handled safely and are very pretty.

    High temperatures mean I can't ship, but will split the difference on milage in Arizona.

    Thanx Ya'll
    SooperDooper Coops
  2. CashmereSussex

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    Mar 28, 2007
    too bad im not in America
  3. TucsonFrizzled

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    Yup ~ [​IMG]

    You drive half way and so will I. [​IMG]

    I am starting a collection of toys and gadgets that crow. The apartment managing company is off site, so if/when someone mentions the crowing, I can go in and make my watch, clock and toy crow for them.

    I figure it will buy me some time, [​IMG] but not much. I also need to meet a local chicken friendly person who would stash them for an inspection.

    Lets use visual imagery to "see" my sweet boys happy in a new home, doing the job they were intended to do.


  4. Bebop

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    These are Banties, correct? I may want them. I'm about 3-4 hours from you.
  5. TucsonFrizzled

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    Howdy Bebop ~ [​IMG]

    Thanx for asking. Yes, they are bantums.

    When I didn't get any bites here, I tried on Craig's list and the VP of the local chapter of the ABA contacted me. I gave him the one that was crowing all the time, (he will be winning ribbons with that beauty).

    The quieter roo is undergoing a period of adjustment. He is separated at night and housed in a cage in the closet, until midmorning when most people are gone. Then I put him in with the girls.

    For now, I am keeping him. If he becomes unreasonable, or circumstances change, I will repost here.

    Are you interested in raising mille fluers, or is this an ongoing project?

    SooperDooper Coops


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