Tuesday, Aug. 14 11:00p.m.CST. Chickens On TVLand Extreme Makeover HE.

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    Did anyone else see the previews? I keep getting in on the tail-end of the preview! But, I did see chickens! So I looked it up on TVLand's website and it said that some people in Washington, Texas has like a animal shelter at their home or something. And the Extreme Makeover folks is re-doing their home! Just thought I would let ya'll know. I can't wait to see it! I love watching shows about chickens! [​IMG]

  2. Oh! I missed it. too.

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    See it does pay to watch Little House on the Prairie on TV Land. I can't remember if it's Robin Williams or who but there is a family that is getting their house, a horse stall, a chicken coop and dog house I believe re-done on the make over. I saw that and jumped out of bed to mark it on the calender. Even better part is....the 14th is my birthday so a double treat!

    You can see the info on this link:

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