Tuesday July 23rd, 8pm Help! Respiratory Distress! Help! Drooling!

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  1. desertchickaz

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Help! One of my girls is having labored breathing, she is drooling and making panting noises when she's breathing. I need to know what is the best remedy. The feed store is closed so I cannot get the medication tonight, please help me with the epsom salt remedy or baking soda? I've added some apple cider vinegar to her water and have given her some water using a syringe down her throat. She coughs every once in a while and I can hear water in her lungs.

    I've got her in my work out room away from the other girls. She is peeing watery stuff, but no or thicker consistency to her poop. I'm afraid she's dying.

    I heard toads out in the yard after the monsoon hit on Sunday, and another culpret is I put down fresh wood chips and maybe she ate one of those? Maybe a scorpion bite? I cleaned their bedding, so I know it's not that...

    Her little butt it going like she's trying to work out an egg, but she's only four months old, so she cannot be egg bound. Please give me some home remedies..

    and go!

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  2. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Did the water get into her lungs from using a syringe and why did you syringe her? What do you need epsom salt and baking soda remedy for? How hot is it? Check her crop for impacted,open her beak and check for anything in her throat. Her tail motion of up and down is due to breathing difficulties. Did symptoms just start suddenly or has she been ill for awhile? Any discharge from nostrils,eyes? Check to see if anything is stuck in her nostrils. Most important keep her calm,more stressed she is the more difficult it is for her to breathe.
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    Apr 8, 2013
    It would be unusual for a sudden respiratory issue to begin drowning her so quickly. Has she been going down for a while?

    Are you sure you didn't accidentally get water in her lungs? It's difficult but it can happen. I've never heard a chicken cough, unless you mean that sudden wheezing thing they may do if they've inhaled something.

    If she sounded like she had water in her lungs before you gave her the syringeful, then I might suspect she's been poisoned by something. Panting, drooling, etc can be symptoms of that. So many things can cause toxicity. Bacteria, viruses, food, non foods, leaching in water, toxicity due to septicemia due to various things... I don't know for sure that she has that, of course, but it's one of those things it's good to be proactive with if in doubt.

    I generally treat with charcoal or activated carbon. If we've had a good wood fire (without any treated wood) I'll use some charcoal from that, just grind it up and put it in vegetable gelatin capsules, or in liquid given orally. The amount isn't crucial as long as it's not solid or 'mud' textured, and not so thin you can see through it. It can't treat everything but it can save many lives. It has with my flock. I'd often combine it with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil to provide vitamin E and a gentle laxative to remove offending matter but I'm not 100% sure it won't hinder some absorption of toxins by charcoal so maybe best to just give charcoal with water.

    Anyway, best wishes, hope she's OK.

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