tuesdays duck prices


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
I took several different aged muscovys to auction tuesday. It was a test to see what the prices would bring.

Drake - 3yrs old $10 - sold
drake - 16 weeks - I bought back $4
Drake - 12 weeks - I bought back $4
hen - 12 weeks - I bought back $4

these were the only full size ducks at auction

there was a box of muscovy ducklings, they brought $1 a piece.

My father who is turning 75 this january cannot believe that the old drakes bring money and the younger birds don't sell. He has always sold or slaughtered them at 12 to 16 weeks. The general consensus is that is when they are best for meat. However it seems much different. For the past 2 years I monitor the auction to watch what the demand is and make the most money. On average a full grown hen only brings $2-$6. Juveniles bring about the same. Even though I have a vast assortment of colors in muscovys, like the pure white for plucking purpose. Gives a cleaner looking bird and is easier to pluck. I sell a few hens every year private sale for their colors for $15 each. A recent trip to China Town in Philly revealed live ducks ready for the table were $6

Duck eggs i can sell $3.50 - $4.00 a dozen all day long.

So weighing out my options.

Muscovy's are great at reproduceing. They do not need much outside assistance. They do like to eat alot of layer mash. Take too long to reach the age and size that the local market demands. hens are worth nothing.

Runner ducks - eat alot less feed. Provide alot of eggs. I have to collect eggs on a daily basis. Need to incubate eggs to keep livestock rotation.

I now have a whole flock of muscovys that are getting sold.


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Oct 31, 2009
Somerville, AL
Quote:Not always. I had two runner hens go broody and the one with the nest in the duck run (the other was not secure and I removed it) hatched 10 ducklings in 4 days and was a very protective mother. I know they say runners won't set but it depends on the duck. Problem with runners is it would be alot of work for a little meat to slaughter.

I have actually switched over from runners to muscovy (in the process now). My last runner ducklings are going to a swap this weekend.


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Sep 1, 2011
New Hampshire
Quote:I'm a newbie to Muscovys, but up here, they're selling quickly from eggs to ducklings to 12-weekers (both hens and drakes big ethnic market). I'd think that in NJ you should be able to tap into ethnic markets also.


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
Quote:That is the ethnic market - When I slaughter myself and give them a clean bird ready for the pot I get $15. However that is a hairy situaton. I sell them the live bird then process it if they want.

Oregon Blues

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Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
Ducklings for $1.

I refuse to raise ducklings and sell them if that is all the public will pay.

It costs me about $125 a year to keep a trio of adults (as long as they don't get sick), not counting costs for housing and equipment. If I do a hatch of 25 ducklings, that's $5 apiece just to get them to the egg stage. Then the electricity and time to hatch them. Then food and heat to brood them until they sell.

I can't see any good reason to subsidize 90% of the cost of someone else's poultry habit.

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