Tufted roman X sebastolpol

Tofu the chicken

Mar 28, 2020
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My Coop
I have 2 geese both female, a French toulouse and a Sebastopol , I am thinking of adding 2 more geese this next spring one being a tufted roman gander (other will probably be an African girl not positive on this yet tho) if i got a boy it would mean next year I would have mating and babies, I've been searching for a long time trying to find pictures of a Sebastopol x tufted roman and haven't been able to find any so if anyone has any could you just show me pictures please? Or if anyone knows about genetics can you just tell me the chances if possible of having a tufted goose with Sebastopol feathers? Thank you all!

(Yes I know about the fertility problems with Sebastopols and all, I'm just curious what the cross looks like)

Goosey Girl

Dec 31, 2021
Here's my mixes: mom's a pure bred, white Sebastopol and dad is a Pomeranian saddleback. I bought them off craigslist about 8 months ago as godlings. They are friendly, smart and docile. Feathers were a bit longer in late summer. Great birds.


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