Tuftex Corregated Roofing Panel

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    Thought you might be interested in this...

    All our coops are roofed with the clear Tuftex Corregated Roofing Panel. In the past there's been some discussion on the stability/strength of these panels.

    Last Sunday was a terribly windy day; unusual for us. Around 3:30 we heard a loud crash and went outside to find a 200-300 year old pine tree on the other side of the little creek that runs behind our lot had snapped and fallen, luckily missing our yard by inches and ending up in the neighbors yard. [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, about 10 mintes later the large tulip poplar in front of the pine (in this picture) also fell, loosened by the falling pine and landing right on the roofs of two of our coops:


    Since the neighbor across the creek refused to claim the fallen trees were his (and the city also refused to claim these were on their easement), we spent this past week removing these limbs, certain there would be damage to the roof and run.

    Nothing....all panels remained intact; not splitting, no breakage. Even the "hoop" top of the run (consisting of 3/4" PVC pipe covered with hardware cloth) bounced back once the weight of the limbs were gone.

  2. Great endorsement, I'll be buying this roofing for my coop!

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