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Feb 9, 2015
I have a laying hen nearly 2 years old.
Over the winter she had a respiratory infection which came with a nasty case of conjunctivitis. She was given Tylon 50 for the respiratory infection which did not help the eye infection. I found a receipt for an eye solution online. 2 tbs distilled water and 4 drops of ACV. I flushed the eye and applied 2-4 drops of the solution twice a day. The infection cleared right away but the eye was not salvageable. The eye ball was gray/black and she can not see out of it. It's been mouths and she gets along fine. She lays everyday.

Today's problem:
A few weeks ago a white ball started to form over the eye. It didn't look like the same kind of infections but it does look like an infection. There isn't any crust or puss. She opens the eye fine. She is still laying everyday and eating. She's not as active as she has been but she still spends some of her day pecking a scratching.

There is no visible injury or swelling around the eye. Just the eye ball it's self. When the white first appeared I started treating with the ACV solution and Vetericyn twice day. I've flushed the eye with distilled water. No improvement. It's not spreading to the rest of the eye. It seems isolated but is getting bigger.
Please see pictures below.



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I am pretty sure that white blob is a solid piece of pus. I would get some extra hands, wrap her in a towel, and with tweezers or a manicure tool (see picture below,) I would try to remove the blob. If you watch "Aloha Vet" on National Geographic Wild channel, Dr. Scott Simms has an epsiode where he does that, and then the eye drops (such as Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment) can be applied to the eye twice daily. Here is a link for the TV show: http://channel.nationalgeographic.c...t9mUvzMRqBEkJ79WURmth8zl3p9kTbl1t5BoCN9jw_wcB

And another link for a thread about removal of pus in the eye:
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