Tumor or mites?

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    I was out feeding yesterday and noticed one hen with her feathers raised about mid spine. After catching her up, I further inspected her. I found a large lump on her back (about mid spine) raised 3/4 of inch with a diameter of a half dollar. Also on top of this lump is something hard and black, I first assumed this was clotting from maybe the skin breaking open. It doesn't appear to hinder her or hurt to the touch. I've looked in my books on chickens and this doesn't look the same as the mite problems i've seen pictured. Should I be looking and treating for mites or is this a tumor. I know you will want a picture, but I don't have a camera. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    It sounds like an abscess possibly. If it is, you need to make a decision whether to actively treat it or "wait and see." I would try to remove the black spot. Soak it with warm compresses until it loosens up. Gently pry it off and see what's under it. If it spouts pus when you remove it she has an abscess and you will need to drain it (possibly multiple times), monitor it, keep it clean and watch for signs of systemic infection. If it just bleeds slightly when you remove it and the tissue underneath is a nice healthy pink then she just has a good ding that's healing and a little Neosporin/Bag Balm/Blukote Applied to prevent infection should suffice.

    Good luck.

    PS- I wouldn't treat for mites unless you are sure she has them. A lump is not a sign of mites.

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