Tumour/growth? (Graphic picture)


Jul 6, 2015
Norfolk, England
Hi, hope you can help....offer advice (I'm imagining the worst for my boy).

Went out to talk to the flock about 2 hours ago and noticed what I can only describe as a blood bath/murder scene! Immediately panicked (like I do!) and tracked down the source of the blood......my beloved gold laced Orpington Ron. I immediately scooped him up (thank goodness he's so tame) brought him in and began the clean up. Initially I thought it was a cut foot, then I noticed blood higher up his leg and that's where I found it. This growth is about the size of a apricot stone, but round. It's all nobly and as you can see its bleeding and opened up. Now I check my chooks top to toe weekly and it definitely wasn't there last week!

Our vets option is to euthanise him (I phoned and sent a copy of t he photo). I'm obviously not in favour of this as he's my breeding chap (and so very good with his ladies and me).

Are there any other options? What are the chances of it going or getting worse........Please help an upset and worried owner(or mum!).:hit

Goodness, that is surely a well-defined lesion. Was your flock vaccinated for Mareks disease? Tumors can be common with Mareks and lymphoid leukosis, but they are also common in chickens otherwise. It doesn't look too difficult to remove by a vet, but if it is cancerous, it would probably come back. Does it feel at all like it could be an abscess or infected wound? I would place him in a crate with his own food and water, and if possible, let him remain inside the coop with the others. Let us know how he gets along, and what happens. Good luck.
Pretty sure it's not mareks as he's 100% in every other way.....just that growth. But no they're not vaccinated (it's not been an issue really). It's not got any heat or pus as such, just looks horrid! It always happens when my partners away (he's a lot better with poultry than I am!) ...... I'm I've segregated him for the moment (but within the coop).

Thanks for your input eggsessive:)

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