Tuna and grit


Oct 25, 2020
Ardmore, Oklahoma
I learned I can mix tuna and grit. Other treats they ignore the grit. It's a good way to get them to have grit. As chickens will eat anything. What do you feed your juvenile or full grown chickens?
With mealworms .... Actually the chickens don't like anymore. But the guinea fowl love it. But this is about tuna. I searched other threads don't have much so it's unique.
Alright. I don't like the thought of them wasting grit.
If you have chicks in a brooder, you can put a container of grit on some cardboard or a paving stone in the brooder to prevent them spilling it all into the bedding. If they're outdoors, you can do basically the same thing. They're not wasting it if it's just sitting there for them to eat another day.

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