Tuning her head upside down... Wry neck?

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    Sep 19, 2015
    I noticed My beautiful BLue Andalusian has begun to hold her head toward the right. She will periodically tuck her head in that direction and and shake it. Her neck will be all twisted. Sometimes completely upside down. This is day 4 I have brought her in, away from the flock so I could see her stool and monitor her intake. She is eating well and her poop looks normal. So I am pretty sure whatever is going on is due to injury. She was fine last Saturday.

    My flock is 5 weeks old. I ordered them from Murry McMurray and they were all vaccinated for everything offered. They have all been beautifully healthy until now.

    I have been reading about wry neck and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on how it happens to an apparently healthy pullet. She is eating and drinking like normal. I wouldn't say she is weak.

    We had a piece of fence across the top of the brooder and I was wondering if maybe she jumped up and sacked her neck.

    Any suggestions would be great. :(:(w
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    Welcome to BYC. Wry neck, crook neck, or torticolis can be a mystery, but it can be a symptom of head injury, brain inflammation, vitamin deficiency, and certain diseases such as Mareks disease and lymphoid leukosis. Most people use vitamin E, thiamine, and seleium to treat it. Poultry Nutri-Drench contains all of those, but you can also use other poultry vitamins in the water, and give a little egg or tuna daily for some selenium. Feeding and watering can be challenging, and some add water to the feed and hold them in a towel to feed them if necessary, to get enough into them. Keep down noise and stimulation. Placing her in a crate so that she can see the other chickens would be a good way to keep her part of the flock, without her getting hurt. Have you seen any other symptoms from her? Here is some reading:

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