Tupperware Hot Deal!~ Quick Chef is 40% off!

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    The fabulous Quick Chef is an amazing 40% off through Friday only!
    This is not available online, only through your consultant!


    This is an awesome tool for your kitchen.
    You can chop, mix and make so much with a few turns of the handle.

    I make pie crust dough to perfection and REALLY good salsa. It is in use almost daily here, especially with the holidays coming!

    A few quick turns are all it takes!

    A quick-and-easy alternative to electric food processors. A single turn of the handle rotates blade or paddle whisk four times, saving time and effort

    * Stainless steel blade effortlessly chops fruits and vegetables.
    * Paddle whisk quickly whips or mixes cream, salad dressings and dips.
    * Funnel attachment incorporates oil into mayonnaise, pesto sauce or salad dressing.
    * Non-skid base prevents sliding.
    * Includes recipes for Simply Salsa or Mango Salsa.
    * — Enhanced quality guarantee.

    Contact me to order. I will take PayPal or I can call you for your credit card info. Your order will be shipped right to your door!

    Shipping is based on total order.
    Tax, if applicable to your area will be added.
    You can browse the catalog here

    Other Oktoberfest Savings:

    b. TupperLiving™ Paring Knives
    Great prep tool for outdoor grilling
    or tailgate parties. Includes
    matching safety sheaths. Set of four. Q $35.00 value.
    ONLY $19.00

    c. TupperLiving™ Flexible Cutting Boards
    Pair each board with a specific food and avoid
    cross-contamination during prep. Bend into a
    funnel to pour cut food into a bowl or saucepan. Or use at tailgate eventsas placemats. Set of four. Q $24.50 value.
    ONLY $13.00

    d. Freezer Mates[​IMG]
    Medium 2 Container
    Freezer-safe container features
    rounded corners and recessed
    bottom for faster, more efficient
    freezing and thawing. Holds up
    3½ lbs. of boneless chicken breast.
    6 cup/1.6 L. $10.50 value.
    ONLY $7.00

    e. Chef Series™
    8”/20 cm Fry Pan
    Offers fast, even heating.
    Perfect size for preparing
    meals for one or two
    people. $135 value.
    ONLY $79.00

    f. Super Silicone Spatula
    Stir and blend batters or mixtures. Rounded tip and
    tapered, 11”/28 cm handle helps you reach the bottom of
    deep bowls. Stain and heat resistant up to 400° F/200° C.
    $21 value.
    ONLY $11.50

    g. Small Sports Bottle Set
    Fill squeezable, reusable Bottle at home
    and add to lunch bag or backpack.
    Includes removable bottom cap for keys
    or change. 14 oz./414 mL. Set of two.
    $26 value.
    ONLY $16.50

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