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Turken Bantam / Naked Neck Bantams hatching eggs. Texas.

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by josh44, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. josh44

    josh44 Songster

    Jun 16, 2008
    San Antonio Texas
    Bantam Naked Neck / Turken hatching eggs, Very Rare.

    Bantam Naked neck are becoming very rare,
    Where I am located they are almost un-heard of. [​IMG]

    The bantams lay just as many eggs as their standard size cousins do, They just lay smaller eggs obiously. [​IMG]
    They are hot and cold hardy and make excellent mother/setters, and egg layers .

    They are Super tiny in size, I have some hens and pullets no bigger than a full grown quail,
    and others no bigger than a pigieon.

    Our Flock Is NPIP Tested Clean.
    Very Healthy, Free of all major diseases.

    Pure Breed Bantam Naked Neck / Turken hatching eggs,

    Now Very Rare, $20 to ship half a dozen (6+++ Eggs)

    $30 for a full doz(12+++ eggs.)

    The prices includes the shipping cost.

    I have the following colors available,

    Silver Penciled, Partridge, Black.

    Both Silver and partridge Colors run together,/mixed colors. (Assorted)

    I am in the middle of crossing colors to inprove the penciling and partridge markings,

    I have a silver penciled rooster over Partridge hens. They are proven to throw out

    35-40% Silver penciled chicks and 35-40 % Partridge chicks. And 20-30% other color chicks(new Colors) OOOOOOOOOO new colors. [​IMG] / almost kind of a duckwing color.

    Except for Black, They are pure in breed & Color.

    Very small in size.

    Picture below shows naked neck hen next to

    a blue sattle pigeion.

    Pigeion is bigger than the hen up close and in person.

    I will try to post a better picture showing their true size compared to a pigeions and quail. ASAP.


    For more info ( Pics) click on the sit below:


    Thanks For Stopping By. [​IMG]
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