Turken neck bandage?

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  1. devora

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    Our Turken was injured a few weeks back and has had to be separated b/c of others pecking at the wound. Well, she was on the mend but somehow keeps getting new scabs. ??? She is otherwise healthy and rambunctious. We really want to get her back w/ the others.

    Can I bandage her neck? If so, how might it be done?


  2. justusnak

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    Do you have any BLue coat?? Or Wound coat? You can get it at most tractor supply stores, feed stores....maybe even pet stores. This will help keeping the others from pecking. Also, new scabs, she might be scratching herself..healing wounds itch!
  3. devora

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    Yes, we've put BluKote on it, and coconut oil for the itching. Yeah, she may well be doing it herself.

    I knew BluKote would clean the wound; I didn't think it would stop others from pecking. DH thinks if we try to bandage her she'll just tear it off.

    My goodness, will she ever heal?!
  4. justusnak

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    The bluKote will "hide" the scabs, and the others shouldn't pick. I have a hen torn open from an agressive roo breeding.....when I "painted" her...she was a lovely shade of violet. No one bothers her at all. I would just coat her neck completely...and reintroduce her under a watchfull eye of course.
  5. devora

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    Exactly! I realized that the others will peck at a small speck (scab) but not a purple neck. She spent the whole day out w/ the others!

    I'm still going to separate her at night, but I think the punk look will help her get thru this.[​IMG]

    Thanx mucho!
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