Turken was victim of animal attack

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Most probably a coon. I lost my 5 prize Polishes [​IMG][​IMG]

    My one Turken her neck looks very bruised (purple-y) and she has been very ..lethargic all day. she been pretty much standing in same spot. The attack happened not this last night but the night before. Saturday night. There is also a sac hanging of the side of her neck and it feels hot and squishy to the touch. My guess is that it is pooled blood . I found 3 little puncture wounds on her neck , I'm guessing claw marks. They didn't look bad at all but I put some of my good wound spray on there.

    Please help! Should I get her some kind of antibiotic or syringe the fluid out of there? Feed her something special that will help her recover?

    I feel like such a failed chicken owner. [​IMG]
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    Aug 19, 2013
    So sorry about your hen I would definitely get an antibiotic. Not sure about the rest but I've googled about other issues hopefully someone can help w/info. Good Luck!
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    I'm not sure if it would be a good idea, but I would be tempted to try to syringe out the fluid. As for antibiotics, some choices include Oxytetracycline (sold under names such as Terramycin, Duramycin-10, Tetroxy HCA-280, etc.), Tylan50 or Tylan200, and (though it isn't the best choice), Tetracycline. But before treating with an antibiotic, I would give her some time to recover on her own first.

    If you haven't already, isolate your hen away from any other birds. Keep her warm and clean, and minimize any external stresses (animals walking around, noise, etc.) Make sure she is eating and drinking. If not, entice her to eat by feeding scrambled eggs, applesauce, some plain yogurt, moistened feed, bread, mealworms, or fresh fruit (basically whatever she likes). Or, if she doesn't eat on her own, dissolve some feed in water to form a thin soup and spoon feed that to her (hold the spoon against the underside of the tip of her beak and push inward; that usually causes chickens to swallow). Tube feeding is another option.

    If she isn't drinking, drip some water on the side of her beak or dip her beak in water to get her to drink. Perhaps put some vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics in the water to give her an extra boost. Remember if you are using antibiotics, though, to not give dairy products, probiotics, or Apple Cider Vinegar until after the treatment.

    Hope I've helped, and that your hen recovers! Chickens have a remarkable ability to heal from bad wounds, so don't be too worried. Also, don't feel too bad about the attack. Accidents happen, but fortunately, humans are capable of learning from our mistakes. I am sorry that you lost your birds, though. [​IMG]

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