Turkey and Guinea eggs are hatching...


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
I woke up to a baby white Guinea and a tiny turkey (eggs from OkCarla) this morning. More to come. Another has pipped.

They are a little early, I wasn't expecting them until Monday. Perhaps my incubator is a little warm?

I know you are not supposed to take them out of the incubator, but the little Guinea had somehow gotten himself caught in the wire on the bottom on the incubator so of course he had to come out and I took baby turkey out at the same time. Guinea does not appear to be hurt, which is good, because he was actually UNDER the wire with one leg sticking up. Picture that. I wonder how I can prevent that from happening in the future?

They are very cute, but turkey baby looks so HUGE compared to my little Serama chicks that are in the little brooder box next to my feet here.

The Seramas and the little Showgirl that are in there seem to be cuddling the new arrivals.


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