Turkey attack


Jun 29, 2018
New Mexico
I have a baby chicken that got attacked by my turkey and it’s cut down to the bone. Any suggestions on how to save it?
I would put her in the hospital ward, get cuts cleaned up . saline wash or betadine,and antibiotic on it make sure there is no deep puncture wounds, and give some save a chick and make sure she is eating and drinking.

the greatest threat is shock and infection why recommended Save a chick, if you can't get any right now water down some gatorade or Pediatlye. to help her cope with stress, if need be offer treat of yogurt or chopped boiled egg to get her eating after that scare.
She will survive if you keep her separated. It might take a month or so, keep your turkey away from chickens. I have a relative who lost several chickens from a HORNEY turkey. Turkeys are dumb and don't realize chicken hens are not their mates, they will kill chickens trying to mate with them.
How’s your hen? Don’t put betadine on open wounds, it actually prevents new tissue from forming. Flush it with sterile water or sterile saline, put triple antibiotic ointment on it and wrap with roll gauze. secure with tape. If it’s really deep, I would start fish mox ( amoxicillin you can get online). The dose is on this site if you search fish mox. I’m an RN so if you need anything, I’ll try to help. If you have Vetericyn that will clean the wound and promote healing as well. Important to keep it covered.

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