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    I have 4 BBB turkey poults about a month and a half old - they have grown up with 2 chicks since the poults were a week old and the chicks were just a day old. Yesterday, one of the chicks got injured, and the biggest poult immediately started stomping on it trying to kill it. The chick is now in a rabbit cage because of a broken leg [​IMG] It's very little still - less than a pound. I am torn between putting it down and seeing how it does. It was going to be a fryer chicken, but still I didn't expect this [​IMG] Is it normal turkey behavior to ''stomp a man when he's down''?!

  2. yes they will do that with a bird that is down. The toms think the bird is laying down for them to mate. I'm sure there is a big size difference between the poults and chicks now.

    Steve in NC
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    yes, there is a HUGE difference in size now. The poults are nearly the size of my adult Welsummer's now. It was a Jake that was doing it too and I had to literally push him off the pullet - the others were standing right there watching [​IMG]
  4. that's turkeys, they aren't really flock birds.... more gang birds. [​IMG]

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