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    I like to understand the body language and behavior of any animal I am dealing with.

    I have a Royal Palm tom that is 5 or 6 years old. Never any issues with him. Friendly to everyone. He doesn't like fighting. Will break up rooster fights, etc. He is fair if the other bird submits to his authority. Only had one rooster that wouldn't give in and I ended up finding a new home for him.

    Now I have two young royal palms - one tom and one hen. Also a BBB tom, but he stays to himself and with two roosters mostly.

    The young royal palm has been challenging me for about a week, off and on. But the older tom seems to be trying to protect me. Today I stayed in place to watch and see. He started pecking and grabbing the young palms head. Kept going between the young tom and me. The young tom went from bright bright red on his neck to slowly going to the normal relaxed red. He also went from neck stretched out to holding his head close to his body.

    (the hen was walking around me most of this time and not really paying any mind to the boys)

    Is this going to be enough to put the young tom in his place and leave me alone, or will this make it worse? Is the hen giving me attention causing this? Is the older tom claiming me or just trying to stop a fight? Or is he claiming the hen?

    It's interesting to watch but I really don't want the young tom to continue or get more aggressive.

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